Nutrition Coaching

Why do we know what to do, but struggle to put it into practice?  Why do we so often put our own personal care on the back burner to take care of the immediate needs of the moment?

At Nutrition on Demand, we thrive on helping you help yourself and your family in ways that are intuitive and personalized! We specialize in identifying realistic, manageable, and doable solutions to your individual barriers so that you can be successful within your specific family and lifestyle.

Together we will set goals, define an action plan to achieve those goals, and track progress.

Nutrition Coaching Programs

Included with each program:


Personal wellness evaluation

We meet you where you are.  Includes custom anthopometric testing, as well as current diet and activity analysis.


Individual recommendations tailored to personal goals

We work together to identify where you are, your desired destination, and, most importantly, how to get from Point A to Point B.


Troubleshooting and support

Progress is rarely a straight line. We provide expert insights, accountability, and support in minimizing barriers and utilizing strengths, habits, and priorities.


Information and resources

Not cookie-cutter, personalized to you.

Get Started Fast

1-Month Bundle (5% savings)
  • Individuals: four 30-minute sessions
  • Families: four 60-minute sessions

Take Action

3-Month Bundle (10% savings)
  • Individuals: six 30-minute sessions
  • Families: six 60-minute sessions

Build Habits

6-Month Bundle (15% savings)
  • Individuals: twelve 30-minute sessions
  • Families: twelve 30-minute sessions

Stay in the Zone

12-Month Bundle (25% savings)
  • Individuals: twenty-four 30-minute sessions
  • Families: twenty-four 30-minute sessions

Ala Carte Services


Enhance your experience with these services, available upon request after selecting your base package.

Additional personal wellness evaluations

Ad hoc coaching sessions

Meal and menu planning

Grocery store tours

Recipe rescue

At home “makeovers”

Interested in adding on services? Mention them when you choose your package!

Think you can do it yourself? See the difference when you get your nutrition "on demand"!

Strategic nutrition support, based in the Washington, DC metro area.