Our World Is Changing, So Is Nutrition On Demand!

Nutrition On Demand was started by Shelley Maniscalco, MPH, RDN in March of 2016 as a way to utilize 20 years of experience in nutrition science, policy, and communications—while balancing the demands of a young family—in the DC area. It was not a “party of one” for very long as it became obvious that, not only was there a need within organizations to have high-quality strategic counsel and staff support on-demand, but there were also rock star nutrition professionals in search of interim and/or ongoing meaningful work.

Fast forward to 2020. Nutrition On Demand is now comprised of seven nutrition professionals, with advanced degrees, six of whom are registered dietitian nutritionists. Additionally, with its nationwide network, NOD has built bridges to contract other leaders in the field with targeted and specialized experience and expertise, as needed.

NOD strives to provide our clients with energy, expertise, and excellence—each and every day. Our clients are leaders in the food, nutrition, and health space—professional organizations, trade associations, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, and non-profit, mission-driven organizations. We are a small and nimble firm, free of red tape. We develop deep understanding of our clients’ needs and serve as a high-level extension of staff—without requiring additional overhead or occupying headcount positions.

Today, the NOD team continues to expand to serve you. In addition to our core professionals with extensive expertise in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, MyPlate, child and school nutrition, consumer- and health-professional research and communications, social and digital strategy and implementation, we have added a PhD-level dietitian extraordinaire and a retail dietitian with extensive experience in addressing cultural relevancy and reaching vulnerable populations. Without further ado, meet the newest NOD RDNs!

  • Tricia Psota PhD, RDN – One of Tricia’s claims to fame is that she has worked intimately within all the major USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion program areas including evidence analysis, Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) policy development, and translation of the DGA through MyPlate consumer and health professional communications. While at USDA, she also participated in a leadership program that allowed her to become intimately familiar with and knowledgeable about other agencies and programs within the Department. In addition to her policy work, Tricia has diverse experience in academia and business and specializes in research, policy, communications, and chronic disease prevention and treatment. She has co-authored five book chapters, along with numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, and been featured in print, on radio, and on TV. Currently, she serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior and Advances in Nutrition.
  • Jillian Griffith MPH, RDN – Jillian is a public health professional passionate about improving the food environment to have a positive impact on nutrition behaviors and health outcomes. She currently serves the Washington DC community as a registered dietitian nutritionist in the grocery retail setting, working with low-income communities to spread the message of healthy eating through classes, community events, individual counseling, and store tours. Jillian started her career at the Partnership for a Healthier America, where she became interested in the role the private sector can play in shaping the food environment and impacting health outcomes among black and brown communities. Using social media as a tool through @SpoonfulofMelanin, Jillian is working to expand the traditional roles that dietitians have played in the health and wellness space, while also promoting diversity within the field of dietetics.

If you look closer, you will see that NOD provides best in class consulting in nutrition science, policy, and communications. From strategy to implementation. On Demand. Contact us today and see how NOD can make your job easier!

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